SSL certificates and "penalties" on search engines: but your site is secure?

From January 1 2017 Google "penalizes" all those sites that are devoid of SSL certificates, reporting them as unsafe and varying their position in search results

Google declares war on the "unsafe sites", and does so by penalizing all those sites, devoid of SSL certificates, where you can register with sensitive data such as passwords, or where you can pay by credit card, with no guarantee that the environment in which you are browsing.

"Much of our work is to make sure that the websites are safe. For these reasons we are starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal, because we would like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, to make sure that everyone on the web are safe "Google

sure, one can not speak of "bolt from the blue" obvious, the news was in the air for several months, and all members of the trade, we say, who expected a move like this from Google. In particular Google Chrome, leader among the world's browser, When you bump into a site considered dangerous, will warn the user that the site where is sailing is not safe and therefore is not recommended continuing with the registration or with the payment. A message which may lead to a collapse of visits to your site. Resulting in the collapse of conversions.

SSL certificates

And if that still is not enough, know that the penalty imposed by Google will also touch more purely tec aspects. As the position of your website on search engines. Google will in fact penalize the location of all those sites still HTTP and go instead to "reward" those sites that are already switched to a type of safety protocol HTTPS.

In addition to damage the ranking of sites on search engines, having or not SSL certificates It will be in the coming months and years, a secure distinction from the point of view of perception and trust of users.

You never would buy on a site considered by Google as unsafe?

The safe sites and provided with SSL certificates indeed, They will also be graphically different and distinguishable from those unsafe. Viewing a search SERP fact websites with HTTPS will see their status secure certificate with a green padlock, while considered dangerous sites will be accompanied by a red "NOT SECURE".

If you have an online site does not have a SSL certificate and you do not want to risk losing customers and possible visits, you can contact us at Within hours, your website and your business will be safer.