Google Trends – Find out how to stay up to date on the trending topic!

Take advantage of the great potential inherent in Google Trends.

Who we work with the web knows the importance of analyzing carefully and effectively so-called trending topic. Let's see how best to use the tool google trends

Google Trends It is a free software, available to anyone, published by the same Google with which we can analyze charts on specific topics, divided by keyword, most consulted on the web at a given spatial and temporal scope.

At first glance the Google Trends screen presents a series of graphs which are summarized Top topics of the day, that the hour undergo changes in order of display, but let's see together how this works in practice Google Trends!

To use the free software Google  simply type in your search string specific keyword thing to get all the data about its search frequency within a specific period of time, the display peaks and its bending phases during a period which can vary from 1 a 5 years, Now with constant updates in now.

What are the Google Trends trending topic?

The trending topic is a fundamental function in the life of Google Trends, particularly appreciated by those of us who spent hours studying seo strategies and arranging texts to better index the pages of a website.

The Trend Topic are the Top Topics of the day, useful to create a web marketing campaign so effectively increase the volume of traffic on their social networks, blogs and websites thanks to an editorial plan targeted at web trends of the moment.

Where can we analyze the Trend Topic?

The trending topic can be analyzed directly in the Google Trends main screen.
Here we find all the top stories of the day updated minute by minute, in descending order.
Yet we do not find what we want? No problem, In fact, Google also allows us to use of such filters to divide your search on specific interest groups.

To use Google Trends, you must subscribe to some online service? Leaving personal data?

None of this. To exploit the, really, aunt, Goolge Trends potential simply go to the site and so begin to analyze the data of the keywords on which you choose to work.


video content – The importance of video in today's Communication

According to Forbes, the use of video contents will be the major trends that will characterize the marketing in this 2017

Just a few years ago, a high quality textual content was everything you could expect to improve their web marketing.

but today, so that we can still consider the winning and do not get cut out of the market there is an increasing need to implement our strategy of communication with video and info-graphics.

From the golden rule of "mobile friendly" to the board of the "First Video" .I always more brand indeed seem to have understood the importance of a video first approach and began to insert video at the center of their content marketing strategy.

Those videos are, indeed, among the most versatile content on which a company or any other business entity may rely. I'm, the rest, as pointed out by the Content Marketing Institute, immediately sharable social network and capable of ensuring the greatest number of interactions than any other type of post.

What are the leading companies in the content video marketing landscape?

The best results ever? From our analysis of the Italian market the best results seem to be those obtained by Red Bull. With the 13% of all digital content in video format 21 business tag on 29 covered by at least one of these.

Are videos that embody the brand values ​​already in the director's choices and photography and who develop, all, narrative variants of the iconic slogan "Red Bull gives you wings".

For what reasons we have to implement our strategy with video content?

The reasons are obvious. First just consider the importance covered with Youtube in the world. The company based in San Bruno in California is now the 2 Th largest search engine in the world after Google.

Secondly, we can not but remember how videos have 53 times more likely to show up in the first page of search results, increasing the conversion rate of our content by almost 300%.

Additionally the videos have the precious characteristic of being immediately usable, fast, chiari, and simple to make and to assemble, although to get a quality product it is advisable to seek advice from a video maker.

online payment merchant tools “Paypal, credit card, Postepay”


Paypal, credit card, Postepay: all the features of the leading online payment instruments

After an initial period of loss, Also Italians seem to be beginning to appreciate the ability to make online purchases.

According to recent studies it is estimated that in Italy are at least 14 million online shoppers, a sector experiencing growth 13,5% compared to a few months ago for a value of approximately 11 billion euro turnover.

Sure although growing, online payments, such as paypal, in Italy they are seen even with one eye, perhaps, overly critical. Italians fact, to review the latest research carried out, Trust still little of the credit cards and online tools.

What are the most popular online payment methods: Short Guide from Paypal, credit card, Mobile Payment etc ...

The credit card is now definitely the online payment method among the most used by Italians. Ensures practicality and safety. For some time now also we feature some special types of credit cards suitable for online purchases. In the market you can gain rechargeable credit cards where the owner will charge only a certain amount of money that can be used.

A safe tool in the event of fraud because the attacker could just steal any remaining credit. The banks also provide a recent special dedicated credit card for online shopping that allow you to create virtual credit cards working for a single transaction, and with limited amounts of money to use for safe purchases.

PayPal and online payment tools
PayPal is a very safe online payment system increasingly used and appreciated by Internet users. The PayPal works is very similar to that of a regular checking account. Open an account will be possible to send and receive money, make transfers and buy online. The strength of the transaction with PayPal is definitely a very high safety factor online.

If it does not get the goods purchased or for other various reasons and you should receive a different product from the one purchased, PayPal fully refund the price paid. To receive a refund, simply follow a few simple rules and opening a dispute within 45 days from the date of purchase. PayPal's future will feature new services more user oriented, including the recent opportunity to apply for a credit card, with lower operating costs, Rechargeable be used for shopping. curiously, PayPal, It is owned by eBay, as a matter of competition, It is not accepted everywhere. For example, because of competition issues, This form of payment is not accepted at Amazon.

Mobile Payment.
The new frontier of online shopping is represented by the Mobile Payment, a tool with which you can make purchases paying directly from your smartphone. Purchases can be made online through dedicated applications such as eBay or Amazon, or in physical stores using the phone as a credit card. In this second case to make the payment, their smartphone will be equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) that dialogue with special POS holds merchants to end the transaction.

The EU funds for free Professionals 2017: how to attack the market taking advantage of European funding ...

internet site creation, advertising, content marketing ... what all we can do using the EU funds for freelancers ?

Following the European Recommendations, An amendment approved by the Government has equated the professions to businesses. The novelty will allow thousands of free Italian professionals to make major improvements to their business strategies. Based on this decision freelancers and matches Italian VAT can now access, regardless of the legal form, to EU funds for freelancers 2014-20120.

Access to these important financial instruments, so it will mean you can get in easier way, funding for innovation, technological development, competitiveness

What is the current funding application for EU funds for freelancers ?

To submit an application for funding the EU Structural Funds for professionals, those interested should check on the website of the Region of residence the opening of the call, the entry requirements, the types of eligible expenditure, the kind of advantage granted if for example it is a grant or other type of incentive and support, and verify the manner in which such an application and the required documentation and finally, the expiry of the notice.

Through participation in regional competition, The trader may have the chance to get a grant, equal to 50% Allowable expenses, from a minimum of 1.500 EUR to a maximum of 20.000 euro.

They are allowed to levy expenses closely related to the opening and operation of the first three years of professional activity, incurred after the filing date of the application and before the expiry of the three-year period.

EU funds for freelancers

What are the eligible expenses? What can be funded once they have gained access to eu funds for freelancers ?

Expenses to buy technological equipment aimed to the system and conducting business;
capital goods, computer equipment, software, realization website, activation and maintenance PEC;
security systems such as alarm systems, cameras, safe. these expenses, They can not be carried out for the main house.
Costs for participation in events such as fairs, congress, national and international events;
advertising strategies are different channels, marketing, communication;
restructuring of the premises used or to be used as professional activity;
Fulfillment of the law for the start of the professional;
Local leasing activity used, to a maximum limit of 10.000 € and 1 year;
Expenses for guarantees, surety for up to 2 thousand euro limit;
Charges for micro-credit operations: Interest and handling fee at most 1000 euro.

When and where to submit the application form to obtain the contributions provided by the eu money for freelancers ?

The professionals interested can apply for the grant of aid to the maximum 2 times over the three years, until the maximum amount of 20 EUR thousand. I 3 years from the date of attribution of the VAT number by the Inland Revenue.

The question also, It must be submitted before the start of the first stamp spending plan 16 euro, the Central Labor Directorate, training, instruction, equal opportunities, youth policy, research and universities, in below demand professionals funding.


Hashtag – What is the importance they have and how to use

The web is born free, It is that we think it should remain.

But having a strategy for using the Hashtag can bring real benefits to your business.

The new platform Linkedin opens to Hashtag and declares war on the old conception of LinkedIn as a inert curricula "to give notice deposit, among others, Riccardo Scandellari his Disgraced, real reference point for web marketers armies, e, for anyone to see in a web of opportunities for growth and professional development.

Who is using at this time the new newsfeed has certainly noticed that the words preceded by the pound became blue, as they link. Cit. Riccardo Scandellari

Everything nice, everything interesting, for us that with certain concepts we are "forced" to confront on a daily basis. But often we forget that the workmen digital world is much broader than the formatting of our word page. Out there, are hundreds of thousands, users who hashtags not only does not "know well what to do" but also They not even know what are the hashtag!

And then you say? So before you talk about the importance of the gates (is for us native analog that was the name by which we called that strange symbol) in the development of a particular social network will be the case to better define the concept of hasthtag and how to use them properly according to the web channel and social that we decide to use to promote a particular product.
In hashtags digital communication are extremely important, a simple and secure way to share a particular topic. Of course you can use the web and social well without knowing what are the hashtags but knowing, trust, It could help in spreading your company strategy, or at least it will help you keep more orderly your company profile.

hashtags, made popular by Twitter, are "hot" words preceded by the symbol #. A flag that divides and brings together people around a particular topic of discussion. Born as a feature of Twitter, today there are many social networks that use them: Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Now Linkedin and last but not least Facebook, In fact, entice users to expand their social experience with using the Hashtag.

After attempting to define what are the Hashtag let us now explain why it is important to properly use the Hashtag.

Obviously not all of the digital world must necessarily be populated by experts, the truth, It is that there is nothing wrong in using a random Hashtag. The web is born free, It is that we think it should remain. MA … there is always a BUT behind too easy solutions, have a solid strategy behind their use can bring real and tangible benefits to your business. The Hashtag are valuable tools is being analyzed , excellent to filter the conversations and identify the relevant topic on social media, both in operational phase, perfect to promote products, brand and engage users, consumers or participants in an event. We said that a hashtag is a simple word followed by the "pound". But creating a good hashtag, maybe it can also become viral, It might be more to do than to say difficvile. Utilizzarne fact too many, or worse, Choose the wrong keywords and not theme, It can be harmful, not only represent a huge waste of energy. A simple tip but, it can be to choose your way hashtag:

• words are easy to pronounce and remember;
• Your Hashtag is to be as far as possible in one word or original, even better when characterizing your brand.

Practical advice on how to use hashtags in major social media

Not all social media are equal, This should already be clear. There are in fact social expressly designed and dedicated to photography, others that wink at a more journalistic use, others however seem to be becoming more and more of the commercial platforms. The company are so many, many more than those listed to follow, with more or less marked differences depending on the region and the target we want to achieve, but with a little effort you can groped to put pen to paper some general tips to profitably use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest.

Twitter: one or two Hashtag for each post
Facebook: two or up to three within a comprehensive introductory text.
Linkedin: one post is sufficient but in many, especially in the last period, They are developing strategies similar to those used on Facebook.
Google Plus: according to several counselors there is not a minimum and maximum number of hashtags to use on Big G Platform. Some advise to place a group of thematic hashtag at the end of each post
Instagram: up to twelve hashtag for image. As for the other course is vital consistency with the subject matter.
Pinterest: according to many colleagues, the best strategy would be to include them within the description of the image, pick another without too many, a bit’ as for recipes "just enough"