Google Trends – Find out how to stay up to date on the trending topic!

Take advantage of the great potential inherent in Google Trends.

Who we work with the web knows the importance of analyzing carefully and effectively so-called trending topic. Let's see how best to use the tool google trends

Google Trends It is a free software, available to anyone, published by the same Google with which we can analyze charts on specific topics, divided by keyword, most consulted on the web at a given spatial and temporal scope.

At first glance the Google Trends screen presents a series of graphs which are summarized Top topics of the day, that the hour undergo changes in order of display, but let's see together how this works in practice Google Trends!

To use the free software Google  simply type in your search string specific keyword thing to get all the data about its search frequency within a specific period of time, the display peaks and its bending phases during a period which can vary from 1 a 5 years, Now with constant updates in now.

What are the Google Trends trending topic?

The trending topic is a fundamental function in the life of Google Trends, particularly appreciated by those of us who spent hours studying seo strategies and arranging texts to better index the pages of a website.

The Trend Topic are the Top Topics of the day, useful to create a web marketing campaign so effectively increase the volume of traffic on their social networks, blogs and websites thanks to an editorial plan targeted at web trends of the moment.

Where can we analyze the Trend Topic?

The trending topic can be analyzed directly in the Google Trends main screen.
Here we find all the top stories of the day updated minute by minute, in descending order.
Yet we do not find what we want? No problem, In fact, Google also allows us to use of such filters to divide your search on specific interest groups.

To use Google Trends, you must subscribe to some online service? Leaving personal data?

None of this. To exploit the, really, aunt, Goolge Trends potential simply go to the site and so begin to analyze the data of the keywords on which you choose to work.


Facebook for Business

Web services – Facebook for Business – 4 advice

4 simple tricks to increase your visibility on Facebook

Through the use of the tools provided by Facebook for companies will be able to widen the catchment area, increase customers, increase revenue.

Facebook's tools for companies…

Why ignore social media and the web means being out of the world?

Make a Facebook page for a company, could make your brand better known and your business will be able to attract potential new customers, thanks to a communication strategy targeted may, for the first time, come into contact with solutions or products covered first totally ignored the existence.

Of course not all activities require a web communication strategy, some indeed may also see reduced their conversions, to decide whether and how to implement communication is in fact necessary, all time, advice from an expert.

The first tip is surely to be wary of all those "professionals"They promise imaginary landings on the first page of Google.
The first page of “Big G” It can be considered as an objective, but with the knowledge that climb to the top of Google requires consistency, quality and economic investment.

Facebook Services for Companies:

Learn how to increase your visibility and gain new customers:
You have just opened a new business and want to animate your Facebook page and increase your followers? Or have you inherited an historical activity and want to give a new modern image to your company?

A company profile, if followed professionally, can improve and expand your user base, which then it will be much broader than it might be in other ways, you can reach, virtually, People all over the world, in this way also, you can reduce both economic costs, data, for example, the creation of paper leaflets, both in terms of time.

To achieve it, you can follow two paths: the first is to use your own private profile and get publicity by writing what you propose on dedicated groups. The second road instead, It is to open a page that will become a real public showcase.


Four strategies to follow to turn their followers into your future customers

Facebook for Business

The images attract the attention of people, so why not use this trick to catch the attention of your Facebook audience? Take good pictures or create unique and original collage,and share them. You'll find that the shares of your fans will increase exponentially. This way you'll increase your visibility on Facebook without effort and in no time.

Attention to the times when you're posting. This is not a certain rule (many will tell you that the important thing is to publish quality content) but if you publish your content in accordance with the guidelines indicated by the insight of your page, many more people will see your content

Select audiences.
When you open a page, it is important to remember to choose the audience that will see your posts. In fact, Facebook gives you the option to choose between several categories of people, according to your needs. Try of precise selections only in case you know your content might not be appreciated by the entire fan base.

Use sponsorship.
Sponsorships are a true weapon is that Facebook makes available to us to attack with even more effective on the relevant market. This way you will increase dramatically the views of your page and your potential customers.