Facebook Jobs arrives in Italy: by today's businesses and professionals can meet on Facebook

After a period of testing in the US and Canada, Facebook has announced Facebook Jobs also landing on European territory and in Milan puts forth its job searches

After a test period prior restricted to North America, Facebook has made official the crossing even on European soil, Today in Milan Friday 2 March are already six of active job advertisements, di Facebook Jobs, an application that has as main objective to match demand and supply of labor.
The features are very similar to those offered to users by Linkedin but, Nevertheless, you can find some important differences.

The first, huge, difference is represented by the catchment area of ​​the two social media. Linkedin although it is one of the leading social media existing in the world today does not have a user base comparable to Facebook, Facebook also Job unlike how offered by Linkedin can be a useful instrument also for professionals who can not boast a specialized curriculum vitae

(Linkedin prefers specialized professionals, making it much less useful therefore in the presence of candidates with few skills).

How does Facebook Jobs?

Facebook Jobs is also available for Italy but for the moment the portal has not yet been translated, so those who want to use it for now will have to chew a minimum English language. Use Facebook Jobs will be very easy, in the coming days the business pages will appear a new entry, jobs, through which companies can publish new job offers. Once published sought employment status, It will be automatically published and appear directly on their News Feed readers.

But so it can only be exploited by companies?

No. Facebook Jobs will bring a benefit to those who are looking for a new job. Found the right job can be selected and automatically fill out the application for your application via Facebook and communicate directly with the company's human resources through Messenger. To better understand the scope of what promises to be a real revolution is sufficient to read the US data. According to Stars and Stripes analysts about one in four people in the US he claims to have sought or found jobs using Facebook. The bet that Mark Elliot Zuckerberg wants to win is to gain market share at the expense of established platforms such as LinkedIn.

Costs and how to use Facebook Jobs!

In North America the use of Facebook Jobs is free as far as the search for work and for companies Facebook jobs will be a paid tool (the costs vary depending on the type of advertising you decide to adopt. Indeed, the company will create a real advertising campaign to make visible his job ad) A facet perfectly in line with the line that Facebook is already taking several months.

Differences between Facebook Facebook Jobs and Careers. Facebook Jobs is an internal tool to the business pages, Facebook Careers instead is a real job board where it is possible to match demand and supply of labor.


video content – The importance of video in today's Communication

According to Forbes, the use of video contents will be the major trends that will characterize the marketing in this 2017

Just a few years ago, a high quality textual content was everything you could expect to improve their web marketing.

but today, so that we can still consider the winning and do not get cut out of the market there is an increasing need to implement our strategy of communication with video and info-graphics.

From the golden rule of "mobile friendly" to the board of the "First Video" .I always more brand indeed seem to have understood the importance of a video first approach and began to insert video at the center of their content marketing strategy.

Those videos are, indeed, among the most versatile content on which a company or any other business entity may rely. I'm, the rest, as pointed out by the Content Marketing Institute, immediately sharable social network and capable of ensuring the greatest number of interactions than any other type of post.

What are the leading companies in the content video marketing landscape?

The best results ever? From our analysis of the Italian market the best results seem to be those obtained by Red Bull. With the 13% of all digital content in video format 21 business tag on 29 covered by at least one of these.

Are videos that embody the brand values ​​already in the director's choices and photography and who develop, all, narrative variants of the iconic slogan "Red Bull gives you wings".

For what reasons we have to implement our strategy with video content?

The reasons are obvious. First just consider the importance covered with Youtube in the world. The company based in San Bruno in California is now the 2 Th largest search engine in the world after Google.

Secondly, we can not but remember how videos have 53 times more likely to show up in the first page of search results, increasing the conversion rate of our content by almost 300%.

Additionally the videos have the precious characteristic of being immediately usable, fast, chiari, and simple to make and to assemble, although to get a quality product it is advisable to seek advice from a video maker.