Hashtag – What is the importance they have and how to use

The web is born free, It is that we think it should remain.

But having a strategy for using the Hashtag can bring real benefits to your business.

The new platform Linkedin opens to Hashtag and declares war on the old conception of LinkedIn as a inert curricula "to give notice deposit, among others, Riccardo Scandellari his Disgraced, real reference point for web marketers armies, e, for anyone to see in a web of opportunities for growth and professional development.

Who is using at this time the new newsfeed has certainly noticed that the words preceded by the pound became blue, as they link. Cit. Riccardo Scandellari

Everything nice, everything interesting, for us that with certain concepts we are "forced" to confront on a daily basis. But often we forget that the workmen digital world is much broader than the formatting of our word page. Out there, are hundreds of thousands, users who hashtags not only does not "know well what to do" but also They not even know what are the hashtag!

And then you say? So before you talk about the importance of the gates (is for us native analog that was the name by which we called that strange symbol) in the development of a particular social network will be the case to better define the concept of hasthtag and how to use them properly according to the web channel and social that we decide to use to promote a particular product.
In hashtags digital communication are extremely important, a simple and secure way to share a particular topic. Of course you can use the web and social well without knowing what are the hashtags but knowing, trust, It could help in spreading your company strategy, or at least it will help you keep more orderly your company profile.

hashtags, made popular by Twitter, are "hot" words preceded by the symbol #. A flag that divides and brings together people around a particular topic of discussion. Born as a feature of Twitter, today there are many social networks that use them: Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Now Linkedin and last but not least Facebook, In fact, entice users to expand their social experience with using the Hashtag.

After attempting to define what are the Hashtag let us now explain why it is important to properly use the Hashtag.

Obviously not all of the digital world must necessarily be populated by experts, the truth, It is that there is nothing wrong in using a random Hashtag. The web is born free, It is that we think it should remain. MA … there is always a BUT behind too easy solutions, have a solid strategy behind their use can bring real and tangible benefits to your business. The Hashtag are valuable tools is being analyzed , excellent to filter the conversations and identify the relevant topic on social media, both in operational phase, perfect to promote products, brand and engage users, consumers or participants in an event. We said that a hashtag is a simple word followed by the "pound". But creating a good hashtag, maybe it can also become viral, It might be more to do than to say difficvile. Utilizzarne fact too many, or worse, Choose the wrong keywords and not theme, It can be harmful, not only represent a huge waste of energy. A simple tip but, it can be to choose your way hashtag:

• words are easy to pronounce and remember;
• Your Hashtag is to be as far as possible in one word or original, even better when characterizing your brand.

Practical advice on how to use hashtags in major social media

Not all social media are equal, This should already be clear. There are in fact social expressly designed and dedicated to photography, others that wink at a more journalistic use, others however seem to be becoming more and more of the commercial platforms. The company are so many, many more than those listed to follow, with more or less marked differences depending on the region and the target we want to achieve, but with a little effort you can groped to put pen to paper some general tips to profitably use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest.

Twitter: one or two Hashtag for each post
Facebook: two or up to three within a comprehensive introductory text.
Linkedin: one post is sufficient but in many, especially in the last period, They are developing strategies similar to those used on Facebook.
Google Plus: according to several counselors there is not a minimum and maximum number of hashtags to use on Big G Platform. Some advise to place a group of thematic hashtag at the end of each post
Instagram: up to twelve hashtag for image. As for the other course is vital consistency with the subject matter.
Pinterest: according to many colleagues, the best strategy would be to include them within the description of the image, pick another without too many, a bit’ as for recipes "just enough"


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The first tip is surely to be wary of all those "professionals"They promise imaginary landings on the first page of Google.
The first page of “Big G” It can be considered as an objective, but with the knowledge that climb to the top of Google requires consistency, quality and economic investment.

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Four strategies to follow to turn their followers into your future customers

Facebook for Business

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Attention to the times when you're posting. This is not a certain rule (many will tell you that the important thing is to publish quality content) but if you publish your content in accordance with the guidelines indicated by the insight of your page, many more people will see your content

Select audiences.
When you open a page, it is important to remember to choose the audience that will see your posts. In fact, Facebook gives you the option to choose between several categories of people, according to your needs. Try of precise selections only in case you know your content might not be appreciated by the entire fan base.

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