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What is marketing web seo - "blogs"

Why should I invest time and money to optimize my website through a web marketing seo strategy?

La seo web marketing (Search Engine Optimization) is the name commonly given to all that set of activities aimed at improving the ranking in the organic results of search engines. the purpose? Gain visibility and increase the quality and quantity of traffic to their site.

The techniques used in a marketing web seo strategy can be divided into two major categories:

• seo web marketing on-page, that is to change the technical factors of the HTML code and the structure of a site, optimizing title tags, meta tag description, the link structure, etc. and text content to increase the relevance of the site for specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines;

• seo web marketing off-page, which includes off-site activities, the most popular of which is the link building, namely the construction of backlinks from other authority sites to improve PageRank. This is a formula that assigns each web page a value from 0 a 10 depending on the amount of links that lead to that page.

seo web marketing blog

The Importance of links in a proper marketing web seo strategy - "blogs"

Google sees a link from one site to another as a 'vote' for the target site. Votes have, most are a leader.

But not all links are equal and currency search engine also the relevance and authority of your inbound links.
The better the authority of incoming links, the greater the authority of your site.
Beware the anchor text when you build a link.

Why should I invest time and money to optimize mioi website through a web marketing seo strategy?

The SEO is dead, often it tells in courses and conferences, but perhaps it would be better to say that SEO has changed dramatically in recent years. positioning strategies like keyword stuffing, widely used until a few years ago, It is now even frowned upon by the major search engines. La Seo is then changed, and the ever-growing body of research that are carried out daily on google has forced the experts to adjust their web marketing seo strategies.

Today again, queers nor say some experts in web marketing seo, position itself at the top of the search query results mean: have a real competitive advantage and improve the company's image, which it is more reliable in the eyes of users. The organic optimization for search engines is a cornerstone of the online presence and not turn a good SEO strategy it means losing ground, and then customers and gains, against the competition.

For this company that wants to be successful in terms of online marketing can not possibly give up to invest in a web marketing seo strategy.