GDPR, General Regulation on data protection, all you need to know to put you in good standing

In case of violation of GDPR, companies risk fines of up to 20 million euro or the 4% the entire annual turnover of a company

From 25 May 2018 It will enter into force in Italy the new legislation on data protection (GDPR - EU Regulation. 679/2016) to adapt the rules on the protection of personal data to the new economic and social context.

The aim is to strengthen the technical and organizational measures to give a 'proper data security by reducing the risk of leakage or theft, thus avoiding to violate the privacy of citizens.

What is GDPR (General data Protection Regulation) and what changes for companies.

The general rules on data protection was adopted by the European Parliament in April 2016 "To strengthen and make the protection of personal data more homogeneous". The provisions strengthen data protection and must be respected both by companies based in the EU, both those who are based outside of it but which address data of nationals of a Member State.

All companies that process personal data must necessarily adopt the figure of Data Protection Officer and a register of processing operations so that it can be supervised by the Guarantor. The owner of the data must also adopt an incident Registry where all cases of violation or data corruption will be noted in order to prevent future accidents and improve safety measures.

The new regulation introduces a principle recognized by the Privacy: the principle of accountability, which states that it will be for the companies or authorities which own citizens' data to keep an attitude that goes toward their preservation.

The GDPR also deals data breach: it comes to loss, modification, breach or unauthorized access to data; in this case the data controller is obliged to inform the infringer the supervisory authority within 72 hours from the time when it came to knowledge.

If there is a high risk for the rights and freedoms of data subjects, These should be advised without delay. The GDPR, Furthermore, introduces the right to be forgotten: the interested party may request deletion of your personal data and the data controller, even after they have been made public, They have an obligation to inform the request for cancellation other holders who have access to the same data subject to delete them.

Why is it important to adjust their operations to GDPR?

If your site serves individuals from the EU and you, or integrated third-party services, such as Google and Facebook, process any type of personal information, you need to follow all the new rules that have to do with the consent of visitors (such as the data request form and tracking the visit with web analytics toolss), the legislation that buy banners on the website and the information privacy. If there are instances of cyber attacks or thefts, It must verify that the company has put in place the protections and the appropriate procedures.

In case of violation of GDPR, companies risk penalties of up to 20 million euro or the 4% the entire annual revenue. Add to that the risk of reputational damage company.

To design and / or adapt an existing website to Regulation GDPR?

practical suggestions:

You are afraid of the risk that the entry into force of GDPR could bring? Do you feel you ancge of multi millionaires coming for those who do not fit? Well, If you're reading this at least you're wondering about what are the practices to be implemented to ensure that you are not forced to pay millions in fines and then close shop.

But first things first and let's examine the two possible cases: develop a new site from scratch; update and adapt an existing website.

If you are about to develop a new website will be sufficient to follow and obey immediately all the instructions contained in the GDPR keeping in mind the principles of “Privacy by design” e “Privacy by default. This is still the simplest case, however, and in order not to risk anything will be enough to consult a specialist who will guide you step by step.

Case study different is instead that for the upgrading of an existing website. If you already have a website that performs processing of personal data is in fact appropriate to take action as soon as possible and evaluate interventions to load the following items:

Contact Forms.
To make Vs.. forms corresponding to GDPR is important, first of all, add the appropriate references – if they are not already present – to your privacy policy (to be rewritten following the directives GDPR). With the entry into force of GDPR the user must explicitly agree to the processing of your personal data, eg, by checking on the appropriate checkbox. If the purpose of the module is to enable the contact, the data may be held and managed only to carry out this purpose no later than. E’ also it is forbidden to ask the obligatory consent to data processing is not necessary for the purposes indicated.

Registration Forms / Aree private.
If Vs.. website hosting registration forms, Adaptation to GDPR might be far from painless. In this case you should check that the vs. System integrates some features, and in particular that it is always allowed user:

access their data;

change your data;

modify their consent in relation to / the treatment / s made from the site;

unsubscribe (and all your data).

E’ also necessary to ensure that data processed, following consents obtained before the entry into force of GDPR, comply with the requirements of the new legislation in relation to, often cited, principles “Privacy by design” e “Privacy by default”, otherwise it will be necessary to plan structural interventions aimed at adapting its technological infrastructure.

In this case you must inform users of all those who will be informed of the data and verify that the application does not carry some kind of user profiling.

Mass hand to the web site structure our actions are not in any case concluded. Nearly all websites in fact integrate an access measurement system. The most famous (and used) among these it is certainly Google Analytics. In this case the GDPR rules oblige us to adequately inform the user before tracking (in other words, the IP registration access must take place after the user has given consent in the manner and within the terms already seen previously). If you do not want to go down this road will still need to anonymize the IP, so as to transform the Analytics activity takes statistical value and no longer covered by the definition of “personal information”.

Banner advertising.
With the entry into force of GDPR, publishers using AdSense will make changes to their websites, in order to obtain prior consent from the user about any profiling tools and ad personalization.

The use of widgets like, eg, maps, video or social buttons, It will have some impact in optical GDPR. In this case, the website operator is required to obtain your consent about any transactions made by third parties.

With GDPR closes the era of indiscriminate spam, emails sent to contacts drawn randomly. If a user accepts the processing of their data to receive news ONLY, you can no longer send advertising messages. Every purpose requires explicit consent (for which, in the case of email marketing, the system of the double opt-in continues to be the preferable solution). But what to do with “older lists”, that is, with lists of email addresses collected before GDPR? Definitely not be thrown but, in the light of the reform, it seems appropriate to send an informative email to all contacts to reassure the recipient about the use of your data and the objectives pursued by the list manager.

Management of private areas: What changes with the GDPR?

In the case of private areas it will be necessary to draw up a diary that records all events related to the personal data in order to have proof of each activity.


Facebook Jobs arrives in Italy: by today's businesses and professionals can meet on Facebook

After a period of testing in the US and Canada, Facebook has announced Facebook Jobs also landing on European territory and in Milan puts forth its job searches

After a test period prior restricted to North America, Facebook has made official the crossing even on European soil, Today in Milan Friday 2 March are already six of active job advertisements, di Facebook Jobs, an application that has as main objective to match demand and supply of labor.
The features are very similar to those offered to users by Linkedin but, Nevertheless, you can find some important differences.

The first, huge, difference is represented by the catchment area of ​​the two social media. Linkedin although it is one of the leading social media existing in the world today does not have a user base comparable to Facebook, Facebook also Job unlike how offered by Linkedin can be a useful instrument also for professionals who can not boast a specialized curriculum vitae

(Linkedin prefers specialized professionals, making it much less useful therefore in the presence of candidates with few skills).

How does Facebook Jobs?

Facebook Jobs is also available for Italy but for the moment the portal has not yet been translated, so those who want to use it for now will have to chew a minimum English language. Use Facebook Jobs will be very easy, in the coming days the business pages will appear a new entry, jobs, through which companies can publish new job offers. Once published sought employment status, It will be automatically published and appear directly on their News Feed readers.

But so it can only be exploited by companies?

No. Facebook Jobs will bring a benefit to those who are looking for a new job. Found the right job can be selected and automatically fill out the application for your application via Facebook and communicate directly with the company's human resources through Messenger. To better understand the scope of what promises to be a real revolution is sufficient to read the US data. According to Stars and Stripes analysts about one in four people in the US he claims to have sought or found jobs using Facebook. The bet that Mark Elliot Zuckerberg wants to win is to gain market share at the expense of established platforms such as LinkedIn.

Costs and how to use Facebook Jobs!

In North America the use of Facebook Jobs is free as far as the search for work and for companies Facebook jobs will be a paid tool (the costs vary depending on the type of advertising you decide to adopt. Indeed, the company will create a real advertising campaign to make visible his job ad) A facet perfectly in line with the line that Facebook is already taking several months.

Differences between Facebook Facebook Jobs and Careers. Facebook Jobs is an internal tool to the business pages, Facebook Careers instead is a real job board where it is possible to match demand and supply of labor.


Google Trends – Find out how to stay up to date on the trending topic!

Take advantage of the great potential inherent in Google Trends.

Who we work with the web knows the importance of analyzing carefully and effectively so-called trending topic. Let's see how best to use the tool google trends

Google Trends It is a free software, available to anyone, published by the same Google with which we can analyze charts on specific topics, divided by keyword, most consulted on the web at a given spatial and temporal scope.

At first glance the Google Trends screen presents a series of graphs which are summarized Top topics of the day, that the hour undergo changes in order of display, but let's see together how this works in practice Google Trends!

To use the free software Google  simply type in your search string specific keyword thing to get all the data about its search frequency within a specific period of time, the display peaks and its bending phases during a period which can vary from 1 a 5 years, Now with constant updates in now.

What are the Google Trends trending topic?

The trending topic is a fundamental function in the life of Google Trends, particularly appreciated by those of us who spent hours studying seo strategies and arranging texts to better index the pages of a website.

The Trend Topic are the Top Topics of the day, useful to create a web marketing campaign so effectively increase the volume of traffic on their social networks, blogs and websites thanks to an editorial plan targeted at web trends of the moment.

Where can we analyze the Trend Topic?

The trending topic can be analyzed directly in the Google Trends main screen.
Here we find all the top stories of the day updated minute by minute, in descending order.
Yet we do not find what we want? No problem, In fact, Google also allows us to use of such filters to divide your search on specific interest groups.

To use Google Trends, you must subscribe to some online service? Leaving personal data?

None of this. To exploit the, really, aunt, Goolge Trends potential simply go to the site and so begin to analyze the data of the keywords on which you choose to work.


Bonus advertising – Tax incentives to advertising… d.the. 50/2017, art. 57 to

There comes a Bonus Advertising: FIND OUT NOW how to improve your business - a higher gear to success

The Bonus Advertising 2018 It may be required by companies, self-employed, freelancers (including members of professional associations), and non-commercial institutions seek to make investments in advertising campaigns worth more than 1% of similar investments on the same media in the previous year.

The Bonus advertising is a new tax incentive introduced by the collective maneuver of the public finances with the D, L. 50/2017, art. 57 to -"tax incentives to advertising expenditure Incremental newspapers, newspapers and on local television and radio stations and measures to support the newly established publishing companies "-.
Bonus advertising 2018 as well as structured by the legislator has the aim to "encourage the creation of innovative projects, Also with the aim of removing sexist and offensive identity female communication styles and fit to promote the widest possible enjoyment of multimedia information content and more widespread use of digital technologies ... " (comma 2).

Who can apply for the Bonus Advertising 2018.

The Bonus advertising 2018 It may be required by companies, self-employed, freelancers (including members of professional associations), and non-commercial institutions seek to make investments in advertising campaigns worth more than 1% of similar investments on the same media in the previous year. Investments may have been made on both the daily and periodical press and online and on local television and radio broadcasters, analog or digital.

What are the procedures for access to funding under Bonus Advertising?

From 2018 you can qualify for a tax credit from 75% al 90% maximum in the case of micro, SMEs and innovative start-ups, the maximum limit of expenditure established pursuant to paragraph 3 dell’art. 57 to. The tax credit provided in accordance with the so-called Bonus advertising 2018 It will be used only to offset through F24 upon its application to the Department of Information and Publishing of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. of 62,5 million euro for the year 2018, 20 million shall be "... the recognition of the tax credit only on incremental advertising spending on newspapers and magazines, also online, referred to in paragraph 1 carried out by 24 June 2017 al 31 December 2017, provided that their value exceeds by at least 1 percent of the amount of similar advertising investments made by the same parties on the same media in the corresponding period of 2016. " (comma 3bis)

How does the tax credit 75% – 90%.

If the tax credit provided for by bonus advertising 2018 requested exceeds € 150.000, the benefit is granted only if the applicant is registered (or he has forwarded to the Prefecture for the inclusion) the lists of suppliers, service providers and performers of works not subject to mafia infiltration attempt

  • the tax credit may not be combined;
  • NOT covered by the tax credit expenses incurred for the purchase of telesales spaces, Betting services, games or betting with money winnings, voice or messaging chat-line with premium services;
  • The expenditure must be incurred by the certification issued by the persons entitled to release the stamp of approval of the data exposed in tax returns, or by statutory auditors.

How to Apply to access the Bonus Advertising contributions 2018.

The application must be submitted electronically on the website of revenue and shall include the identification data of the applicant; an indication of the total cost of the investments made (or to be effected) during the year and in the previous year; increased investment in percentage and absolute terms; the amount of the tax credit required; declaration in lieu of affidavit.

As for the terms of application, still not been definitively fixed: the text points out that the question "might" be submitted by 1 March to 31 March each year.

The controls for the legitimate use of the benefit will be the competence of the Revenue and Administration; in case of irregularities, the Administration itself provide any recovery of the sums disbursed through coercive procedures.

Traditional and digital advertising Advertising comparison

Better to focus on a digital strategy or commit resources and time to develop advertising plans on paper?

In recent years, investments in online advertising exceeded those for traditional media. it would seem so, yes!

This is what emerges from the annual report on advertising expenditure published by Outsell, a California company that deals with research and analysis at the enterprise service market. According to the study in question, in the coming months and years an increasingly significant share of ad dollars will migrate on digital and mobile devices: according InMobi and Globalwebindex, consumers spend on average two hours and 14 minutes a day on mobile devices, against 81 minutes of TV, i 70 PC, i 44 radio and the 33 the newspaper. In addition, the 79% of smartphone owners, control their device within 15 minutes of waking.

The advertising revenues of the print media regarding the American market lost 66% in nine years and the online has not stopped the collapse, rather. Secondo la Columbia Journalism Review, collecting advertising on invoiced print editions 47,4 billion dollars in 2005 and it plummeted to 16,4 billions of 2014 (-66% in nine years).

Meantime, digital advertising is passed in the same period only by 2 a 3,5 billions of dollars. Small figures do not compensate losses. "The local newspapers, unlike the big national newspapers ", According to Jim Brady, ceo di Spirited Media, have the benefit of "be located physically close to their readers". And "events are the major profit opportunity for local newspapers". For Billy Penn represent "84% of turnover, 2015."

But then ... it is better to focus on a digital strategy or commit resources and time to develop advertising plans on paper?

The answer is not simple. If corressimo the risk of repeating ourselves we will definitely say "it depends".
It depends on what type of business you have to advertise,  from which region we want to cover, what and how many resources we have ...


But let's go with order.

As we have already mentioned, the use of content always happens more through PC, smartphone e tablet, a trend that has forced a change in the logic of planning in advertising spending by companies.Today over 60% of smartphone users in Italy watching videos on your device and also increases the time taken to inform themselves through Social Network, mobile applications and web portals. Reasons that led digital advertising now represents a share of more than 26% of total investment in advertising.

Among the main benefits that digital channels offer advertisers with, stands out the ability to create data-driven campaigns, ie able to be targeted in a precise and dynamic, providing a certain level of interactivity with users and be able to really be "measured" in terms of performance. Identification is l'audience segmentation, measure and analyze the results remain the essential priorities within the strategies pubblicitarie.Una digital revolution which, however,, data and documents in my hand, It failed to "retire" the tool maybe simpler but more immediate marketing tradizionale.Il flyer. Today, in 2017, the flyer is still a popular and effective means.

This is because the flyer knows no boundaries, It is delivered directly into the hands of the user and can be consulted by anyone: young and old, men and women. Contrary to the information that can be displayed on a PC or a smartphone, the use of which requires a specific knowledge, the handwheel makes simplicity its strength. An advertising campaign that involves the use of flyers, however, must have in mind some points. First, we can not overlook the fact that we are communicating to diverse audiences and not targettizzato. And 'therefore essential that what we offer is clear, graphically flawless and strong communicative impact. Relying on an agency that can take care of every aspect of advertising is key. As we told the audience it addresses a flyer is by definition how much more heterogeneous might exist.

But if we want to maximize our efforts and increase the conversion rate must carry a message, containing a call to action studied,  as much as possible addressed to a specific group of users. Promoting a product, event or service, avoiding being too generic or scattered and a little trick that will improve without a doubt our marketing campaign.

Once the work completed by back office, have structured a written message, She tied him to a graphic design studio, have printed our product, it is time to spread our message in the areas that interest us. To get a good distribution, and then reach the goal prefix, contact is critical to an agency of advertising planning and distribution which will study the times and the ways to get our message successfully. But back to the first question that we asked ourselves. ..

It is better to bet on a digital strategy or commit resources and time to develop advertising plans on paper?

The answer will be even more than before IT DEPENDS.
Our advice is to structure a commercial communication which can and knows how to take into account both sides of the coin.
By combining digital marketing and direct marketing you can reach a wider audience and get a return on investment.